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Re: New Jack from North texas

Thanks SPEEDY, I love beer, bbq and I fuuuuuckin love me some whiskey, so maybe I'll ask a dumb question or two so I can share.. as a new member I been doing what most all suggest I have been on the forum in free time reading, reading, and trying to figure it out ... pretty straight forward, one thing I notice there seems to not be a lot of members on. I get work and all but is that common? Usually I see lil 1-3 members and like 65-100 guests. also can you tell me when I go to a topic say general discussions, it brings up a list of threads, if I hit "thread" at the top It takes me to another place... where is it going to? Ultimately I am here to learn, meet some folks, and hopefully maybe find some work as a helper hand, but I want to do my part first (figuring shit out) and not be the twirp that members up and starts begging... Thanks...
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