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Old 02-07-2019, 07:19 PM
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Pointers to getting my companies foot in the door welding for oilfield

I have been doing side work with my company for a few years now. I quit working for strike a few months ago and I'm trying to go at it full time to see what I can make of it. I may just make a fool of myself but I figured i will never know until I try. I have a two month job going on and while this is in full swing, im trying to figure out how and the hell I get my business some oilfield work. Contacts I have been given just treat me like I'm begging for money when I introduce myself to try and get some work. So, with that said if someone can give me some pointers or steer me in the right direction I could really use some help. I got nobody to really turn to. Thanks in advance...
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