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Old 02-03-2019, 11:34 PM
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Rig-Welder In NEw Mexico

Better school up and trade it in on Electricians Belts. Michelle Luhan this Chick has arrived as Governor and with Santa Fe Support, will kill Section spacing rules along with re-completion within the same well bore of thousands of Vertical deep 7,500' + Natural Gas Dead Dakota wells on site with completion of the shallower well Mesa Verde.. discovered many years later, a thousand or so foot shallower, a huge pool. They going to be P&A casualties in the San Juan Basin. She got her sights on the South East and the Permian too. Killing our last remaining Coal Fired Power Plants a done deal. Prepare yourself? you might freeze to death a few years from now.
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" Ė Richard Feynman

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Old 02-05-2019, 08:49 PM
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Re: Rig-Welder In NEw Mexico

Theres no saving the coal plants it seems. Even other efficient power sources arenít safe if they donít fit the agenda
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