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Old 07-09-2016, 03:21 PM
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Re: 7 way for sae 300 w/arc force? Yes or no -and why

[QUOTE=Charlie;38065]I feel that some conventional motor generators of the same model are fucked up but then take that very same screwy machine & two different weldors. One is OK with it the other complains so IDK...[/QUOTE]

Well you hit the nail on the head again Charlie! I sold my Vantage 300 and bought on EBAY a low hour 98 Classic III D and I'm done with it! Pre Perkins and I have gone all over inside/outside and upside down to get it to stack and fill but it changes all day long. I've got a Cross Country on order and am going back to computer board controls because of the consistent arc characteristics. Welding 10 to 16 hours a day for William's/Transco and fighting a gremlin is not worth the frustration! Didn't mean to high jack this thread so I wouldn't spend the money on a 7 selector arc force kit. They wana sell you stuff and they have a name but there's no gaurantee except more confusion when shit don't work better when its installed. Just my opinion
Really Im not lying this time!
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Old 07-09-2016, 08:39 PM
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Unhappy Re: 7 way for sae 300 w/arc force? Yes or no -and why

Update- I did end up getting annoyed enough to mess with it agin before making a decision- I have a 250 Perkins choke to kill that has a bearing out an maybe need shunts so the kit may go on that -postponed my decision - I did try rolling the rack - before I started I made a punch so I knew where j started- rpms exactly 1800 ocv upon startup 103 - I first rolled it clockwise 1/8 it seemed better / buddy of mine said it needed to be rolled counter so I did - I felt it got hotter not so much splattery but watery - so I went back clockwise a little farther than the first Time and it was way cold - I never changed my coarse arc heat the whole time I left it about 170/180 ish - correct me if I'm wrong - I was under the assumption that when raceing the face plate it got hotter rolling clockwise - and colder rolling counter/ I have never messed with a rack before and thanks for the input / I got frustrated and ran out of time so I threw it to 3/16 counter clockwise of my mark - I guess we'll see Monday unless you guys suggest something else - I did try before all this lowering the rpms to 1750 and it seemed to weld worse -
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